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M2&A is an International Organization of Professional Firms that operates in 25 cities around 18 countries of Latin America and Asia, bringing together MORE than 250 professionals, including Lawyers, Accountants, Economists, Commercial Engineers and Notaries. Delivering our shareholders an adequate return on their investment; vision, capacity, productivity, commitment, persistence and effort. 

Respecting suppliers as partners in developments, thus ensuring a fair relationship and mutual satisfaction. – Being environmentally friendly by being responsible and proactive in a sustainable manner – Able to recognize, commit and pursue solidarity within the community. Being the best ally to their customers, ensuring long-term relationships by providing unique, customized & professionally solid services with absolute confidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide valuable solutions tailored to our customer’s needs including legal, administrative, accounting and commercial services at a boutique-style level, aiming at family firms and multinationals in Latin America, Europe and Asia. 


Our Vision

It's our vision to ensure our collaborators are fairly remunerated, working in a motivated, challenging & dynamic yet comfortable environment with prospects for personal & professional development. 


The platform

We are a bi-regional, innovative organisation committed to detect and assist its members to do business.  We understand, decode, and translate trade opportunities within and between the regions ASEAN and MERCOSUR. We want to contribute to the development of full knowledge and integration at all levels between MERCOSUR and ASEAN. To be a bridge for commercial, cultural and academic integration between MERCOSUR and ASEAN and a key facilitator in the trade relations in and between both regions. With values Ethics, Team work, trust, respect, diversity, professionalism, confidentiality, creativity, knowledge and integrity we service our partners.

We would like to enter a meaningfull collaberation to promote and develop trade and investments through trade missions, trade fairs, and relations with other chambers and organizations. To create a platform in MERCOSUR and ASEAN to connect individuals, enterprises, private and public organizations with the objective of developing business opportunities within and between the two regions. And where needed facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes.

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Our service

Our objective is to build and exclusive network in these countries where companies become a member to enjoy our services. Services included in the membership are in the interest of the members. We represent and promote the common interests of MERCOSUR and ASEAN enterprises.


To form a network of enterprises and individuals with the end of developing business opportunities. To offer our members the opportunity to work with key private and public institutions in both regions. To receive trade delegations that are interested in contacting local
business people.


Organization and accompaniment of trade missions, both in the country of origin as well as the country of destination of the mission. Organization of Business to Business meetings with trustworthy commercial counterparts and after which we're committed to assist its members in the follow-up until a business is concluded.


Assistance to small and medium sized companies in their ambitions to internationalise so that they can do business with their counterparts in the other region. Assistance to the members with new projects and projects to innovate in both regions. Of course partner search for specific projects.


We have offices in most of the countries of both regions.  These offices assist our members with establishing contacts, organize agendas, and help with the follow-up of the results of their meetings in order to contribute to concluding a business.


To provide information and required initial procedures for the start of commercial relations that end up in future business.


we can offer Arbitration solutions as a method to resolve commercial disputes between its members and third parties or between third parties exclusively when such is agreed between parties involved.

Meet the team

Elmer Bouwer

Director & Founding Partner M2&A Europe
Vice President MACC Global

Started working at a young age and looked for where my talents came out best. Resulting in more than 25 years in international trade and a large and appealing network. The crowning glory is being part of an organization that is committed to international trade on 3 continents (South America, Asia and Europe). Curious, flexible and always thinking in terms of possibilities, I aim for the best results from our business partners.

I would like to invite you for an introductory meeting

Rene Ritmeijer

Director & Founding Partner M2&A Europe
Advisor to the board of MACC Global

With a background in marketing & Sales, I am a true entrepreneur specialized in business model innovation & effectuation. Through systems innovation & organizational development I am involved in the development of ideas that lead to the growth of organizations. My main goal: Supporting enterprises to remain successful in the future. 

I would be pleased to talk to you to share personal visions to see how we can add value to ongoing processes.


Tel: 0031.620.499.585

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